Linden honey – it is one of the most valuable and best varieties of honey. Bees collect it from the nectar of greenish yellow flowers of the queen of  honey plants, as the people rightly called linden. One lime of middle age, growing in favorable conditions, with optimal weather conditions can give 40 or more pounds of high-grade honey, 1 ha of blossom lime gives more than 2500 pounds. Each flower gives 25 ml of nectar.

White lime honey – is one of the best varieties. Aroma of ripe honey is very thin and exquisitely fragrant. White honey color is pale yellow to greenish. It contains 39.27%  levulose and 36.05% glucose. However, depending on the area where the honey was collected, the figures can be different. Among all species of honey there are two sweetest kinds – lime and heather.

Type of lime does not affect the sensory characteristics of linden honey. And the intensity of the smell and taste is much stronger than it would be judged by the color of linden honey. The usual rule, which says that the darker the honey, the more saturated it is, does not work with linden honey. White honey color does not change, except during crystallization. Flavor of the honey is described as a fresh woody with a hint of mint, balsamic and camphor aroma. Linden honey is sweet, sometimes with a touch of bitterness. After it you can always feel persistent aftertaste and light astringency.
About 3 months after pumping the lime honey begins to crystallize: it thickens and loses its transparency. But white honey does not lose its useful properties and taste.
If you bought a white honey, and it is still liquid in the winter, then, unfortunately, you got a fake.


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